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Ideal for steaming in the oven!

  • 3 easy steps to steam your food in the oven in minutes
  • For all types of ovens and panini grills
  • 100% non-stick, no need to use butter, oils or sprays
  • Alternative to costly single use aluminum foil
  • Be Smart, Reduce Waste
*PAKS - US, CAN & International Utility, Design and industrial Patents registered and pending*
    • More than half its weight coming from the non-stick liquid (at least 65%)
    • Retains no odour and no flavour from previous use
    • The patented lock is ideal for steaming in the oven
    • Fast cooking while making sure that flavours stay in
    • Certified for use at 550°F
    • Contains 1 PAKS, size 11.81" x 7.87"
    OVEN COOKING TIME CHART (450 °F / 232 °C)
    Asparagus 2-3 min
    Baby potatoes 15-18 min
    Beans 6-8 min
    Broccoli 5-6 min
    Brussels sprouts 8-9 min
    Carrots 7-9 min
    Cauliflower 7-9 min
    Chicken 15-20 min
    Fresh corn 2-3 min
    Salmon 5-7 min

    🍿 POPCORN: 1/3 cup kernels + 2 tbsp of oil, microwave popcorn setting.

    * Cooking times are for reference only and may vary depending on the thickness of the food, the amount in the PAKS and the cooking temperature.

    Care and use
    • Wash before use
    • Easy to clean in warm soapy water
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Don't overfill, flip or reverse the PAKS to cook or clean
    • Handle with care, content and PAKS will be hot
    • Do not place in direct contact with flames, burners or heating elements
    Instruction booklet

    • Makes cooking fast and easy

      We've used it several times in the microwave; cooks vegetables great and fast. - Veggienut - Toronto, On, Canada

    • Cooking PAKS

      Marvelous cooking . I recommend these PAKS for electrical & gas oven. It's great! Try them! - FERN041 - Beaconsfield, Qc, Canada


    *PAKS - US, CAN & International Utility, Design and industrial Patents registered and pending*

    The following pending applications and registered rights apply. COOKINA PAKS barbecue and COOKINA PAKS Parchminum are covered by one or more of the following in the International, U.S. and Canadian markets:

    Registered Rights
    Canadian industrial design 170345 (COOKINA HOLDINGS INC.)
    Chinese design patent ZL 201730060854.3
    United States design patent D797,572

    Pending Applications
    Canadian patent application 2,941,179
    Chinese utility model application 201720347974.6
    PCT patent application PCT/CA2017/050312
    U.S. patent application 15/257,813

    COOKINA inc. and COOKINA Holdings inc. reserve the right to enforce any and all their intellectual property rights in court.

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