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COOKINA Silicone instructions

COOKINA Silicone is a non-stick silicone baking mat that is useful for baking anything that sparks your imagination: macaroons, pastry, chocolate and more.

First use

As many new silicone products, the COOKINA Silicone mat may produce a light smoke on first few uses. To eliminate this effect with your new mat, we recommend following these simple steps.

  1. Clean with soap and warm water. Dry well.
  2. Put your COOKINA Silicone mat on the middle rack, in a pan.
  3. Heat your oven to 375°F and wait 30 minutes, door closed.
  4. Wash your mat once again when it is cooled.

You may experience a light odor or smoke when using the mat for the first time but this is totally normal for this type of silicone product and will completely disappear after a few uses. If you follow the 4 steps, you may experience it only once. These steps will make your sheet ready to be heated up and reused and it will also extend its life expectancy. You may also see a color change after using the sheet as this is completely normal, only aesthetic and does not affect the product's performances. They are made from non-toxic food grade materials and nothing toxic will leach out or be released if used correctly.


Care and use

  • Easy to clean with liquid soap
  • Wash prior to first use
  • Store flat or roll in the COOKINA ring
  • Put in a pan, on the middle rack
  • Can be used in microwave ovens


  • Do not use with sharp utensils
  • Do not heat the mat without food
  • Do not use scouring agents
  • Avoid direct contact with any heat source
  • Do not fold or crease
  • Avoid the broil function
  • Do not use metal utensils with serrated edges
  • Not suitable for toaster ovens
  • Avoid contact with flames, not suitable for barbecues.
  • High temperatures may produce light smoke (over 400°F)



COOKINA is the leader of the industry in terms of the safety of reusable non-stick products. We are conducting 3 tests on our Silicone products to ensure that they are safe to use and that they don't contain any harmful chemicals.

As a family owned company, we want to make your life safer and healthier.
FDA strives to promote the application of science-based food safety principles in retail and foodservice settings to minimize the incidence of foodborne illness. All of our products do comply with FDA rules and regulations as a proof that they are food safe.
Often found in non-stick products, BPA is a harmful chemical that cannot be found in any of our products. Many formulations of our materials exists but we only use the highest grade and test it again ourselves to guarantee that no BPA's can be found.

COOKINA Silicone products are certified to withstand temperatures up to 464°F. Baking is not usually done at high temperatures so this will be more than enough to make you bake anything you can think of on it!


For other questions about the safety of our materials, take a look at our FAQ here.

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